About Us

  • The H1 Club launched in April 2013 and boasts more than 16,450 members
  • The H1 Club has gifted more than 11,826 exclusive Hugo Boss Watches
  • The oldest member is 87 years old, the youngest is only nine
  • The longest hole-in-one is a mighty 354 yards, the shortest is a mere 75
  • There have been 26 par-four holes-in-one
  • Dublin is the top city with 67 holes-in-one
  • Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire is the top club with 13 holes-in-one

Make a hole-in-one in a club competition, and you'll receive an exclusive Hugo Boss watch absolutely free along with membership of an extraordinary club. The H1 Club will give you access to a whole world of luxury benefits not available to 'ordinary' golfers.